After quite a few attempts to set up a personal homepage and to also keep it updated I must now finally realize that the concept of a regularly updated blog is not really suitable for me.

This site is not so much of a personal homepage but instead more of an index of my works which are spread across multiple sites on the internet. This makes it quite a bit more comfortable to maintain.

Lets hope it works out this time :)

Open Source projects

Over the last few years I created and contributed to quite a few open source software projects. This happened both on a private and also on a work-related basis.

Below is a selection of a few of my open source contributions. A more complete list is available in my Github profile.


Pseudo-georeference arbitrary images by fitting them centered into the extent of the spherical mercator spatial reference system (EPSG:3857).

Primary implementation language: Rust

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Geoserver rendering transformation for feature aggregation for the visualization of train networks in the context of the swiss SBB Trafimage project.

Primary implementation language: Java

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Server for on-demand synchronization of vector datasources to a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. The server provides an HTTP API for easy integration into other applications.

Primary implementation language: C++

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A Clojure library designed to work with PostGIS, GeoJSON and related stuff. This is currently a toy project to get familiar with Clojure, so it is not intended for productive use.

Primary implementation language: Clojure

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Testing tool to validate blocks of SQL by running them against a PostgreSQL database. In case of errors the tool provides a better error description and location as standard psql would.

Primary implementation language: C++

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Remote filesystem based on Linux FUSE (Filesystem in userspace), zeromq and Googles Protocol Buffers library.

Primary implementation language: C

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Automatically build SQL Joins by routing in the graph of foreign key constraints defined in a PostgreSQL database. This is a PostgreSQL extension build using PL/Python.

Primary implementation language: Python

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I am also an occasional photographer mostly shooting pictures of nature and local wildlife. These occasions are not so often as I would want them to be, but after some time there are now quite a few pictures available in my flickr photostream.

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